Finding Behavioral Health Care During COVID-19

Because your mental health is just as important as your physical

Your total health is our top priority - now more than ever

Navigating a global pandemic and it's effects can cause you more stress than normal. And staying "healthy at home" can leave you feeling disconnected from family and friends. Don't let it take a toll on your mental health during this time.

Maintaining physical distance from others is critical during this time – and so is your mental health and wellbeing. In response to COVID-19, we are encouraging our members to use telehealth (video and/or audio) whenever possible to receive services for mental health and substance use disorders. This includes individual, family, and group therapy as well as medication management. 

If you previously received behavioral health services in-person: Ask your provider if you can switch to telehealth. Share the Blue Cross NC COVID-19 dedicated provider site or the updated telehealth policy for COVID-19 if needed.

Looking for a behavioral health provider? 

Here is a directory of behavioral health providers who have indicated they can provide telehealth to Blue Cross NC members at this time.  To ensure that any provider is in network for your insurance product, please ask the provider before you schedule the appointment. You may see any network provider who delivers telehealth, not only those included on this list. 

Eleanor Health has same day virtual and in-person appointments available for any North Carolinian in need of substance use disorder treatment for opioid, alcohol or other substances. 

Still have questions? Call the Customer Service number listed on your member ID card.


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